Basic Rental

Who's not looking to save money?
Decorate yourself or have your friends do it for you. You can hire your own caterer or do it yourself! You can save lots of money with basic venue rental, and this is one of the options we offer at The Ball Room On High!

• Basic Rental Prices include a facilitator, tables & chairs, plus table and chair setup & taredown.

• Guest/or hired professionals are responsible for decoration with guidance from facilitator.

• There must be a bartender for all alcoholic beverages.

• Our Sound System & Projector are included for use at Business/Corporate events.

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Are you looking to save effort?
We understand how difficult it can be to put an event together. Allow us to help guide you through the process. We have formed packages with some of the area's top professionals to suit all your needs. We can fully customize a package that is just right for your event.

• Package prices range greatly depending on the professionals you choose & how much you want them to do.

• We can help suggest the packages that are right for you .

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